How should retailers be marketing to consumers?

              Across the world, consumer purchasing decisions are most likely to be influenced by family or retailer advertising. However, younger audiences’ purchasing decisions are also impacted by social media influencers.
              The table below shows the answers that 10,000 consumers across 10 different countries gave when we asked them what influences their purchasing decisions.

              Significant numbers of 18- to 24-year-olds’ purchasing decisions were swayed by influencer personalities in Italy (16%), Australia (15%), China (15%), the US (15%), ROI (13%) and Kenya (11%).

              When it comes to social media, younger consumers are more open to hearing from retailers and brands, and are most interested in information about new products, promotions and Sales.

              Which age groups are most happy to share their data in order to receive a personalised service?

              We asked the same consumers whether they would share their data to receive a more personalised service. The graphic below highlights the percentage of consumers across a range of age groups who said they would do so.

              Statistics of willingness to share user data to receive personalised services

              Interestingly, despite stories of data hacks and privacy breaches dominating the news, in nearly every market more than 70% of consumers are willing to provide their personal data to receive a more personalised service.

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              The DWF and Retail Week Global Consumer 2019 report surveyed 1,000 consumers in each of the following jurisdictions: Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Ireland, the UK and the US. Research took place in October 2018.


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