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              Commercial law / Compliance

              New rules regarding Data Protection, Anti-Money Laundering and "Administrative Responsibility" for companies (Mod. 231/2001) are in place. We assist our clients to make sure their business is costantly compliant with the current regime.

              The DWF Italy Compliance Team offers legal assistance to its clients for any matter related to compliance with Privacy, Anti-money Laundering and Administrative Responsibility (Mod. 231) also through a compliance analysis with the applicable laws and in particular the new European Regulation GDPR for what concerns Privacy.

              With regards to Anti-money laundering procedures, the intermediary shall establish a system of effective controls and develop an appropriate management process for the risk: the new anti-money laundering legislation creates a multilevel system of controls, articulated according to the combination of the principles of the risk based approach and proportionality. Our DWF Italy team supports ist clients in all such processes.

              Michele Cicchetti

              • Head of Banking & Finance (Italy) // Managing Partner (Italy)